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    Celebrate the people and innovations who have shaped the communications industry and are leading the way forward.

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    Power & Communicate with PoE Devices up to 3km

    The Powered Fiber Cable System is a complete “rack to device” solution to simultaneously power and communication with network access devices such as small cells, Wi-Fi hot spots and HD cameras. Composed of a hybrid copper/fiber cable and a PoE extender this solution also helps to eliminate local power sourcing and reduces landlord/utility negotiations.

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Top 10 CommScope Innovations: Base Station Antenna Beam Tilting

Lou Meyer - Dec 7, 2016

Today’s blog post announces one of the top 10 innovations made by CommScope (or one of its acquired companies)—base station antenna beam tilting. This innovation enabled wireless network operators to improve their coverage areas and network performance. The ability to adjust, optimize and control antenna patterns remains a key tool for delivering high-performing wireless networks to users, says blog author Lou Meyer. Read more

Importance of Data Center Cabling in Application Delivery

Alamuri Sitaramaiah - Dec 6, 2016

In all that’s important in the architecture of a data center, cabling is likely at the top of the list. In this CommScope blog, Alamuri Sitaramaiah lays out why it’s the most crucial part to pay attention to. Read more

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